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  Gas Module E: 
The World Market for Multiphase Flowmeters

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This page contains an overview of a new market study from Flow Research on the worldwide gas flowmeter market. If you are interested in the study, please contact Jesse Yoder at Flow Research by email at  jesse@flowresearch.com, or call Flow Research at 781-245-3200.


Module E: The World Market for Multiphase Flowmeters, is a component of a broader study, The World Market for Natural Gas and Gas Flow Measurement, which examines suppliers, producers, applications, industries, custody transfer, and multiphase flowmeters. 

About Module E

This study addresses the following key issues in the multiphase flowmeter market:

The factors causing the market to grow
Growth in the use of multiphase flowmeters
The future of multiphase in custody transfer applications
The use of multiphase flowmeters in oil and gas applications
The increased number of suppliers in the multiphase flowmeter market
Line sizes for multiphase flowmeter applications
The use of multiphase flowmeters in oil and gas applications
The importance of electromagnetic radiation technology and its future in this market
New product and technology developments
Growth strategies for multiphase flowmeter suppliers

Proposed Segmentation

The segmentation for this study is as follows:

Geographic Segmentation

North America (United States and Canada)

Europe (including Central Europe and Former

Soviet Union)

Middle East / Africa



Asia without Japan / China

Latin America (Mexico, Central America, and

South America)

Flowmeters by Use of Radiation Type

Gamma ray



Flowmeters by Type of Radioactive Material





Multiphase Flowmeter Usage by Application Site

Topside (land-based)



Multiphase Flowmeters by Measurement Configuration

Before a separation rig or separator

After a separation rig or separator

Without the use of a separator rig or separator

Multiphase Flowmeters by Use with Other Instrumentation

Water cut meters

Pressure transmitters

Temperature transmitters

Other instrumentation

Multiphase Flowmeters by Application

Fiscal monitoring

Allocation monitoring

Reservoir monitoring

Other applications

Flowmeters by Sales Channel

Direct Sales

Independent Representatives



Flowmeters by Customer Type

This flowmeter market is segmented according to the following customer types:



Systems Integrators


Strategies for Success

Discussion of market forces at work

Technical developments

Strategic action perspectives

Forming alliances to enhance product offerings

For even more comprehensive information on what this exciting new study has to offer, view the Module E Overview

For information on the core study and other modules in the study, view the Complete Gas Flow Study Overview (Core Study plus Modules A-E).

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